The Newest Generation floor:SPC

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What is SPC Flooring?

"SPC " Means Stone -Plastic Composite , which chooses natural stone power and Fibre, so its structure is more durable, stable and Environmental.UV coating is a very important and necessary processing for SPC flooring, which is processed after the extrusion or lamination and before profiling.How to choose the UV coating of SPC Flooring is a serious problem.Like LVT and wpc flooring, SPC flooring also belongs to resilient flooring family.

It also many superior features such as luxury vinyl flooring.

Anti-skid: the floor surface is covered by PVC wear-resistant layer, more wear-resisting, more durable.

Waterproof: the vinyl resin is the main component of the floor, waterproof and moisture-resistance.

Convenient: easy cleaning, maintenance free, not afraid erosion of oil, dilute acid, alkli and other chemical substances.

Heat-resitting: the qualified PVC fire indicators up to B1, fire resistance performance is very good, second only to stone.

Even SPC flooring has many features, but PVC stabilizers act a very important role in pvc floor field. As a Chinese pvc stabilizers manufacturer, Jevons plastics co., ltd is concentrate on pvc ca-zn stabilizers only. There is no chinese manufacturer just only focus on one type pvc stabilizers. So, we can dauntless say we are the most professional manufacturer in ca-zn stabilizers field in china. If you have any interests on it. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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