SPC Vinyl Floors In The Furniture Industry

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The rapid development of the flooring industry in recent years, many industries have introduced SPC vinyl floors and other types of flooring, so is it suitable for the furniture industry? Today we will tell you why some SPC vinyl floors are not suitable for use in the furniture manufacturing industry.

The freedom of modeling of luxury SPC vinyl flooring is not very good. Everyone knows that SPC has no curve shape. However, the curve in the furniture manufacturing industry is a shape that cannot be missed by the beauty of furniture. The furniture manufacturing industry has very high requirements for cross-section processing. There is also a big difference between luxury SPC vinyl flooring’s link and home. The bayonet link is generally used, but the bayonet is only limited to the surface link.

In addition to the above reasons, the surface hardness of luxury SPC vinyl flooring is low, and the surface smoothness is not as smooth as that of painted wood.

Although SPC floor board has encountered bottlenecks in the development of the furniture industry, in a few years, there may be new technologies to improve these defects, allowing SPC floor board's raw materials to be perfectly applied to the furniture manufacturing industry.


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