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SPC(stone-plastic Composite) flooring, free your feet!

Super anti-slip

The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the spc has special anti-slip properties, and compared with the ordinary floor materials, it has a more sturdy feel in the case of sticky water, and it is less likely to slip, that is, the more the water is smashed. Therefore, public places with high public safety requirements such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. are preferred floor decoration materials.

Fire retardant

The quality of qualified spc fire-proof indicators can reach B1 level, B1 level means that the fire performance is very good, second only to stone. It itself will not burn and can prevent burning; the smoke generated by the high-quality during passive ignition will never harm the human body, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases that are punctual (provided by the security department). Number: 95% of people who are injured in a fire are due to toxic fumes and gases from burning.)


Because the main component of spc is vinyl resin and has no affinity with water, it is naturally not afraid of water. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged; and it will not be mildewed due to high humidity.


Sound absorption and noise reduction

The stone-plastic floor has ordinary floor materials that can't compare sound absorption. Its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, so you need to choose a stone-plastic floor in a quiet environment such as a hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, theater, etc. The high-heeled shoes and the sound of the ground knocking affect your thinking, and the stone-plastic floor can provide you with a more comfortable and more humane living environment.

Small seam and seamless welding

The special color of the stone-plastic Composite has been strictly installed. The seams are very small, and almost invisible from a distance. This is impossible for ordinary floors, and therefore the overall effect and visual effect of the ground can be maximized. Optimization; it is the ideal choice for environments with high requirements for the overall effect of the ground, such as offices, and for environments with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms.

Thermal conductivity

The stone plastic floor has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, and small thermal expansion coefficient, which is relatively stable. In Europe, America, spc is the first choice for floor heating and heat-conducting flooring, which is very suitable for home paving.

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