Comparison between spc and different decorative materials

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Comparison between spc and carpet:
Different composition and production process: carpet is a floor covering made of natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass or chemical synthetic fibers, which are knitted, planted or woven by hand or mechanical process.
There are differences in performance and maintenance: carpet is inflammable, afraid of fire, water and moisture, and maintenance is very troublesome, very easy to get dirty, easy to hide dirt and grow bacteria. The stone plastic floor is fireproof and flame-retardant, not afraid of water and tide. It is very simple to take care of. It can be wiped with a rag. It has good stain resistance and antibacterial effect.

Comparison between spc and ceramic tile:
Composition and production process are different: the so-called ceramic tile is a kind of building or decoration material with acid and alkali resistance, which is formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glaring and sintering of refractory metal oxide and semi metal oxide. It is generally called ceramic tile. Its raw materials are mostly clay, quartz sand and so on.
Performance and maintenance are different: ceramic tile is not antiskid and cold in texture, and maintenance is troublesome and easy to get dirty.
There are differences in installation: the tiles are very heavy, the installation is more difficult, and it is difficult to remove after installation, and can not be reused. The stone plastic floor is light in texture and simple in installation. It can be directly paved on the original ground without compressing the space, so it is very suitable for the reconstruction of old buildings.

Comparison between spc and marble:
Stone is very heavy, which brings a lot of burden to transportation and construction, especially to the main structure of high-rise buildings.
The stone is easy to slide and cold in water.
Marble price is high, but the laying effect is very high grade, suitable for high-end places.

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