Durability of Laminate Flooring: The Long-lasting Alternative to Hardwood

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It would be great to rip up the carpeting in a couple of rooms and replace it with hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, there’s only so much money in the budget and it’s not enough to cover the cost of the update. Instead of feeling stuck with the carpeting, the homeowner would do well to look into the idea of laminate flooring. Along with the lower cost, the fact that the flooring is so durable makes it a great alternative. Here are some facts about laminate flooring that every homeowner needs to know.

How is Laminate Flooring Made?


While methods vary, the approach involves using composite wood that is surfaced with a thin veneer of wood. The pressure matched with the adhesive applied to the flooring layers creates sections that are strong and capable of holding up to a lot of pressure. The veneer provides the beautiful grain that the homeowner wants. Once the protective coating is applied to the sections, it’s possible to install the new floor quickly and without a lot of fuss.

How is That Durability Manifested?

The flooring’s durability is made evident by the way it holds up as the years pass. Rather than one major characteristic standing out as the main reason to invest in laminate, there are a number of equally important attributes that demonstrate what a practical approach this solution really is.

  • Hard to Scratch: Anyone who has taken care of hardwood flooring knows that the surface can be scratched when pulling chairs away from a dining room table or attempting to slide an end table over a few inches. While the damage can be repaired, who wants to spend time dealing with scratches? Laminate flooring resists scratching, a factor that will help the homeowner keep the floors in good shape with less effort.
  • Exposure to Extreme Heat and Cold: Traditional hardwood flooring can be damaged due to exposure to extremes of heat and cold. That can lead to the development of a warped floor. The only way to deal with the situation is to remove sections of the flooring and replace them with new sections. That means a fair amount of sanding and staining even after the new sections are cut to precise dimensions.
  • Moisture damage will also warp sections of a wood floor and lead to the same type of repairs. By contrast, laminate flooring resists damage from extreme temperature changes and exposure to moisture. The right laminate will last much longer and not require many of the repairs that are common with hardwood.
  • Cleaning the Floor: Laminate flooring is easier to clean than hardwood. Along with saving money on cleaning agents, the fact that it’s possible to use less abrasive cleaning agents means the surface will look great for a longer period of time.

There are a few other factors that help to make laminate flooring durable and capable of retaining its appearance for many years. When considering the idea of updating the floors in spaces like the living or dining room, talk with a contractor about the merits of choosing laminate over hardwood or other options. It won’t take long to see why this type of flooring will serve the homeowner well for a long time.

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