How about wpc wood plastic floor?



Every step of the house decoration is very important, especially for the selection of the floor is a top priority, we must carefully choose.Wpc wood-plastic flooring is a well-known flooring product among consumers, with a very large consumer group, and the quality of wpc wood-plastic flooring is also very recognized by everyone.

Why is wpc wood-plastic flooring so popular? Let's take a look.


Wpc wood plastic floor - brand advantage of wpc wood plastic floor


Wpc wood-plastic sheet has the unique patented lock technology in the market. The treatment process of six-side seal paint protects the wooden floor in an all-round way, which makes the floor more stable. At the same time, the paint surface is full and tough, which can bring out the precious wood. The ecological beauty, paving in the living room can better reflect the decoration style of the living room, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about the long-time stepping on the floor paint surface, and enjoy the most comfortable foot feeling. The wpc wood-plastic floor also retains the original texture of the material. The elegant solid wood color shows the warmth of the light under the illumination of the sun or the sun, which is favored by many consumers.


Wpc wood plastic floor - advantages of wpc wood plastic floor

1. The material is naturally non-polluting. Wpc wood-plastic floor is the most typical double green product. It has no pollution source. Some wood has aromatic scent, which gives a healthy and refreshing aroma. Its afterlife is an organic fertilizer that is easily absorbed by soil absorption and erosion.


2. the appearance is beautiful and natural. The wood of wpc wood-plastic floor is natural. Its annual rings and textures can often form a beautiful picture, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature. the texture is unique, it is widely loved by people.


3. solid and durable. Generally wood is usually floating on the water, with a few exceptions. However, wpc wood-plastic floor wood is easy to transport and lay as building materials compared with metal building materials and stone. According to experimental results, the tensile strength of pine is 3 times that of steel, 25 times of concrete, 50 times of marble, and the pressure resistance is 4 times the marble.


4. a good thermal insulation performance. The wpc wood-plastic floor is not easy to conduct heat, and the thermal conductivity of concrete is very high. The thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times that of wood. Wood can absorb moisture and evaporate. The optimum humidity of the human body in the atmosphere is between 60% and 70%. The characteristics of the wpc wood-plastic floor can maintain the humidity in the comfortable humidity range.


The quality of wpc wood-plastic flooring has always been obvious to consumers. The main reason is of course wpc wood-plastic flooring for the selection of materials, wood and other major raw materials.In the selection of wood, wpc wood plastic flooring only selects natural, non-polluting wood, and then through scientific processing technology, the strength and hardness of the floor will be greatly improved, which can guarantee the service life of wpc wood-plastic floor. Wpc wood-plastic flooring, worthy of your trust.