Laminate Flooring

1-Wear-resistant layer

AC1 rated laminate flooring is suitable for rooms that get light foot traffic only. We usually recommend to install this product preferably in guest bedrooms and dining rooms that are used every now and then,

AC2 rated laminate is suitable for areas with moderate foot traffic, so we won’t recommend installing this floorcovering in high traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms. However, laminate floors with an AC2 rating are ideal for family rooms and bedrooms that do get some traffic.

AC3 rated laminate flooring represents the highest rating for homeowners, so it’s intended to be used in any domestic areas that get heavy foot traffic. These include living rooms, hallways, conservatories, stairs, kitchen, etc.

AC4 rating is the first level specifically intended for commercial usage. AC4 rated laminate is suitable for moderately trafficked commercial spaces such as boutiques, offices, salons, and cafes.

AC5 rating is the highest durability rating. AC5 is suitable for high-traffic commercial areas, such as restaurants, showrooms, department stores, and public buildings that get lots of back and forth traffic.


2- Decorative Layer
Printed via photoengraving according to the grains of rare wood, decorative paper from Europe has clear, vivid grains and gives strong feeling of satisfaction. Unique printing ink and printing technology ensure the flooring anti-UV and free from discolouration.
3- High Density Fiber Board
Woodworths damp-proof HDF as substrate, manufactured with patented waterproof resin, has superior damp-proof property, good dimensional stability and outstanding ageing resistance. Moreover, with patented AF purifying technology from the USA, which is sole in China, release of formaldehyde from HDF reaches the standards of E0, which makes the flooring safe and environmental-friendly.
4- Balance Layer
The application of special melamine impregnated balance paper maintains dimensional stability of flooring and effectively blocks moisture from the sub-floor.