Click Lock Introduction

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The click lock (also called the buckle), which is tightly combined in the paving process, completely free of nails, glue-free, free keel, directly laid on the ground. 
Compared with the ordinary floor, our SPC floor overcomes the problems of the seams, which contains UNILIN .warping and drumming caused by most of the floor being subjected to the change of the outside heat and dry, which saves the height of the room and can be repeatedly disassembled and utilized, which is economical and practical. 
This locking technology has applications in both wood and stone flooring.

The SPC lock flooring paving is easier to install, the seams are tighter, and the overall paving effect is good. 
SPC floor lock floor replaces the manual paving standard with the industrial standard, which reduces the error of the manual paving. 
When the paving is done, each floor can be tapped gently to enter the trough. 
Due to the locking force, the whole body extends to the periphery with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift, solving the problem of internal deformation, and the overall paving effect is good.

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