About PVC self-adhesive floor

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1. What is PVC? PVC, the full name of Polyvinychlorid, is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its toughness, heat resistance and ductility. It is a synthetic material that is popular today, quite popular and widely used.

2, in fact, for the products on the market now, there are a lot of materials, such as some PVC, this material is very environmentally friendly and cost-effective to maintain a simple material; glue-free PVC floor, currently There are three types of markets, which are divided into:

a, self-sink adsorption PVC floor

b, lock PVC floor

c. The production of magnetic PVC floor glue-free PVC floor is to reduce the installation cost, so that users can enjoy the fun of DIY by themselves. It is very popular in countries with high labor costs in Europe and America. Glu-free PVC flooring is also a kind of floor decoration material that can be “moved”. It can indeed be moved with the owner. Because it is glue-free, it is also easy to remove, carry and then re-lay.

3, PVC floor mainly - two types of sheet coil, specifications are 12" × 12" (305mmX305mm), 6" X36 ̈ (152mm × 914mm), 18" × 18" (457mm × 457mm) and so on.

Self-adhesive pvc floor advantages?

1. Light weight: the weight after construction. It is 10 times lighter than the wooden floor after construction, 20 times lighter than the tile construction, and 25 times lighter than the stone after construction. It is suitable for buildings with more than three floors. Reduce the weight of the building, ensure safety and easy handling.

2, waterproof and non-slip: the surface is a high-density special structure, simulation of wood grain / marble pattern / carpet pattern / granite and other lines, the water is more and more sloppy, not slippery, home paving can relieve the safety concerns of the elderly and children. Its characteristics are unmatched by stone, ceramic tiles, etc.

3, super wear-resistant: the wear resistance of the ground material depends on the material and thickness of the surface wear layer, not just the total thickness of the floor tile. Pvc floor surface covers 0.2-0.8mm thick polymer special material, high wear resistance, long service life in similar products. Comparing a thin layer of transparent film on a composite wooden floor or a layer of glaze on a tile is really more than that.

4, convenient construction: no need for cement sand, no need to move wood, special glue to paste, fast and simple. There are many kinds of products, such as plate rock, gravel, marble and wood grain, which are freely matched, save time and effort, and OK once. Good flexibility: special elastic structure, impact resistance, and proper foot feel, providing the family with daily life guarantee.

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